The Maine Marshmallow Roaster Kit is meant for fun times with kids and friends.....and yes, even with big kids like parents and grandparents too!
This roaster livens any social occasion, perfect for birthdays, parties, celebrations and family gatherings.  
It is easy to use, safe and a cinch to clean up afterwards....simply wash the grill!
This handcrafted Roaster can be used all year long.  It is ideal for the kitchen table, patio table, camp ground and even on the beach!  
The Roaster utilizes a sterno type brand of chafing fuel which is pure ethanol and food safe.   The fuel is easily purchased from various retailers or online.  (only $2.00 per can)
The Maine Marshmallow Roaster Kit is also ideal for making S'mores.
COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS are included...easy to use!

$ 105.00
price INCLUDES Kit, any Patio Flame and 
packing and shipping fee !
Mark Kuzio    207-338-8372
Please call me at 207-338-8372
if you have any place your order, please have your shipping information ready.  I accept MC or Visa.
Mark Kuzio
email me
email me
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Kit  $20.00
Choose any Patio Flame
  from previous page !
  Flame plus Roaster Kit
  $ 105.00  (includes shipping!)
      ($ 110.00 west of MS river)
When you purchase the Roaster Kit you increase the versatility of your Patio Flame....
                  great fun to use when friends visit or for that special event!
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steel custom grill
(easy to clean!)
Ethanol fuel included.             (only use pure Ethanol fuel)
Readily available from various retailers and also online.
Price generally $2.00 per can for 2 1/2 hours burn time.
STERNO BRAND is fine to use.

Caution:  Only use pure ethanol fuel !
Marshmallows included!
Wooden skewers included!